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SaaS University Agenda for Austin, TX, May 13 - 15

(Check back for agenda updates and additions)

Austin, TX, May 13 - 15, 2014

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"SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Succeeding in Your Cloud Application Business"

Each Attendee Receives a Free Print Copy of "SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Succeeding in Your Cloud Application Business." 400 pages of hard information,  data, checklists and spreadsheetson building a successful Cloud Applications business.

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DAY ONE - MAY 13th DAY TWO - MAY 14th DAY 3 - May 15th



Day One, May 13th


8:00 - 9:00AM  Breakfast, Registration

9:00 - 10:00AM

Opening Remarks and First Morning Keynote Address

SaaS, the Cloud, and the Convergence of the Universe of Things

The advent of small devices with intelligent processing capabilities means that businesses of all kinds have the opportunity to learn about their customers and their operations in unprecedented detail. This rapidly emerging trend is often referred to as the Internet of Things or the intelligent Machine-to-Machine (M2M) revolution.

In the past, the world of devices has often been referred to as "wearable" technologies.But the transformation of the Internet into a cloud-based "data hub," the ability of the smartphone to act as an integration platform for wearables, and wireless-driven M2M devices are transcending opening new markets and opportunities for makes these oftten discussed devices and systems finally both manageable and feasible.

Oracle is partnering with a broad range of SaaS ISVs to help them deliver complete, integrated solutions and react quickly to the changing needs of their customers. This ground breaking session will examine:

  • New markets that are opening up for cloud applications companies who are integrating M2M technologies into their systems.
  • Combining M2M analytics into SaaS and mobile applications.
  • How M2M and and the universe of things will drive SaaS growth over the next three years.
  • What types of wearable and M2M technologies will drive cloud applications growth in the near term.
This session continues the SaaS University tradition of providing cutting edge information and insights into the technology industry's most important future growth areas.

Ralph Seferian, Oracle

Local Speaker

10:00 - 11:00AM

Second First Morning Keynote Address: 

Key SaaS Metrics from The Softletter 2014 SaaS and Software Compensation and Best Practices Surveys

Softletter's SaaS research provides the industry with the standards and benchmarks by which SaaS technology providers measure their business operations and compare their financial and operating metrics against their peers. Now in its eighth year, The Softletter SaaS Report is the industry's largest repository of hard data and facts on SaaS.

During this presentation, Softletter managing editor Rick Chapman will examine key metrics dealing with:

  • Key growth, churn, and resubscription metrics.

  • SaaS pricing and subscription models.
  • Product architecture and PaaS adoption
  • Pricing and Subscription models
  • Discounting and pricing methodologies
  • Infrastructure and businss operations metrics
  • Channel adoption and usage
  • Initial Deployment and professional services
  • Most popular integrated analytics and community management platforms

And much more.

This session will provide the audience with insight into the industry's development and key operations challenges available nowhere else.

Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman, Softletter

11:00 - 11:30AM

  Network Break

  11:30AM - 12:30PM

Cloud and SaaS Applications


Increase Your Customer Upsell and Grow Revenue by 50%

For most SaaS, companies the most underutilized asset is their current customer base. When we review financial statements, only 10% to 20% of the revenue is coming from current customers; this should be much higher.

Often messaging focused on customers is how to use or benefit from their existing service. We will discuss messaging and offers that help you customers expand their horizon and buy additional solutions and services.  Your customers or four times more likely to buy from you than a new prospect.

In this presentation we will focus on breakthrough ideas that you can implement today to upsell and cross sell your customers and significantly grow your revenue by 50%.

This presentation is divided into three areas:

How do you expand the pie? – How do you upsell and cross sell your customers?

  • Can you offer progressive bundling to upgrade your customers?

  • Can you productize your offering to make them repeatable?

  • Can you expand your vision and build on a portfolio of add-on solutions?

  • Can you think “out of the box” about how to deliver outcomes to your customers not just     services or solutions?

How do you make it easy for your customers to opt-in?

Customers have very different needs and expectations that your prospects. We'll demonstrate how to make it easy it easy for your customers to say “yes” to your up sell or cross sell offerswhile simultaneously reduce the sales effort required to close the add-on sale.

  • What steps, once executed, will sustain this ongoing revenue stream for your company?

  • We'll provide you a visual, step-by-step map that you can follow to execute your customer  upsell program and ensure that your customers are receiving the maximum value from your     solutions, services and your company.Finally, we’ll discuss an exciting new book for technology companies, Consumption Economics that will change the way you organize around and engage your customers.

Robert Jurkowski, OnDemand Advisors


 12:30 - 1:30PM

 Birds of a Feather Lunch: Sit With SaaS Experts to Further Discuss Your Needs and Concerns (Your Choice, of Course)


 1:30 to 2:30PM

First Afternoon Keynote Address

Effective Marketing and Prospecting: Best in Class Tactics To Reach Target Customers

What are the best tactics and programs to reach prospects and make them aware of your SaaS solution and benefits?

There are a dizzying array of choices and tactics. Just keeping up with social media makes the modern marketer's head ache.

In this practical, Channel Sources CEO Randy Hujar will provide examples and analyses of where today's Cloud applications marketing exec should spend their time (and money).

Randy's presentation will cover:

  • Where and why should you use social media, traditional media, PR, SEO, PPC, et al.
  • What weighting should I give to each marketing method?
  • What types of marketing programs are the best fit to the different types of SaaS firms?
  • What are reasonable expectations for conversion.

This session reveals the best in class tactics and programs being used by SaaS companies, drawing from Softletter’s extensive SaaS Marketing study and interviews with sales and marketing executives from leading SaaS providers.

You'll walk away with invaluable insights and data that will help maximize your marketing investment.

Randy Hujar, Channel Sources

 2:30 - 3:00PM

Network Break

  3:00 - 3:45PM

Second Afternoon Keynote Address

Embedding Cloud Business Analytics: The Analytics Case for ISVs

For SaaS companies, it is no longer an option to ignore the value of user-facing analytics. Your customers want access to meaningful data within the product they regularly use, and with Cloud BI, it has never been easier or faster to bring it to them.

Successful data-driven companies improve customer retention, create competitive differentiation, and close more business by giving customers answers to pressing business questions with embedded analytics.

For ISVs, embedding analytics into their product are growing at a faster rate due to higher customer retention, larger average deal sizes and broader adoption of their product across an entire enterprise.  ISVs are seeing returns on their investment quickly that impact not only the bottom line but the way they operate as a business.

Join Eileen Boerger, CEO at CorSource Technology Group to learn how to develop an ROI-focused embedded Business Intelligence strategy. Key takeaways include:

  •  Best practices for embedding BI in your application.

  •  Tactics and strategies that contribute to your project's success.   

  •  What profit and revenue results SaaS companies achieve by embedding BI into their products.

Eileen Boerger, CorSource

 4:00 - 5:00PM

Cloud and SaaS Applications


Automating Operations: An Candid Analysis of CRM and Marketing and Sales Operations Choices

Choosing a CRM is unfortunately not a simple task.  The most fundamental issue is the balance of features/capabilities with ease of use which will determine success or failure for the implementation.

In this presentation we will discuss the most important aspects to consider when choosing a new Sales/Marketing management system for your company.

Key topics that will be covered include:

  • The ongoing migration of CRM systems to the cloud and the most popular choices available.

  • How some products are popular simply because they have been in the market longer, but no longer reflect state of the art in usability, UI and UX.

  • How some products have developed a strong position catering to large enterprises but are not the best solution for a small business.

  •  Recommendations on which features and capabilities to explore and evaluate depending on your company’s needs and requirements.

Selecting the right marketing, sales, and operations tools  that best fit the way your company does business is not a decision that should be taken lightly. This fascinating presentation will name names and enable you to make the right decision the first time.

Jose Briones, Spyro Tek Performance Solutions

Local Speaker


 5:00 - 6:00PM

Cloud and SaaS Applications


Broadcast vs. Point of Decision Marketing

The Cloud changes the fundamentals of marketing for SaaS and Cloud applications firms. as well as most any company doing business today. 72% of B2B buyers now turn to the web FIRST to...

  • Educate themselves on product capabilities and weaknesses.

  • Seek out independent reviews.

  • Investigate pricing and discounting.

  • Engage with your customer community...

All before before they pick up a phone, send you an E-mail, fill out a web form or contact you on LinkedIn.

As a result, your marketing must be engineered to manage the customer market experience by preparing for and planning on how you will assist leads and prospects at every step of decision process. This presentation will analyze:

  • Marketing throughout the entire sales funnel.

  • Developing metrics appropriate to your business. 

  • Building a Point of Decision process that incorporates the unique challenges (freemium, for example) facing SaaS and Cloud Applications firms.

  • Deciding how to automate and model the process.

Attendees will leave this session with the knowledge and information to begin the process of creating a powerful revenue-driven marketing system for their company.

Marc Freedman, Revenue Typhoon

Local Speaker

 6:00 - 6:30PM

Afternoon Panel:

Big Data, the Universe of Things, Business After Windows

This panel will discuss the convergence of big data, wearables and M2M technologies in SaaS. As the wearable market and M2M sectors grow, even companies who have not considered "hardware" as a part of their business are learning things aren't so cut and dried (One example is an elections management firm which is integrating an optional wearable technology into their system to ensure poll management compliance.)

The implications of this convergence will be discussed during this fascinating panel session.

Moderated by Rick Chapman, Softletter


6:30- 8:00PM

Networking Session

Kick Back, Enjoy Some Drinks and Hors D'oeuvres With Your Peer





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