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SaaS University Workshops

Dallas/Ft. Worth, Jan. 28th

All Workshops are held on Jan 28th,the day after our formal "curriculum" of Jan. 26-27
SaaS University Optional Workshops

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Right Pricing Your SaaS System - Beyond the Basics SaaS Channel Management and Development Workshop Charting Your Course to SaaS Accelerate Your SaaS Revenue Workshop

SaaS Channel Management and Development Workshop

Price: $795.00, Early Bird Price: $595.00 When Combined with SaaS U Attendance) Package Price: $1390

Time: This workshop runs from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM including breaks and complimentary lunch

Location: Crown Plaza Dallas near the Galleria

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  • Are you trying to create a SaaS reseller program?
  • Already have one, but it is not working as well as expected?
  • Don’t know what reseller partners value in a partner program?
  • Wish you understood how to recruit the best partners?
  • Need to know how to jumpstart and maximize partner sales once they come on board?

Then you need to attend the Softletter SaaS Channel Management Seminar, the most comprehensive full-day seminar ever on defining, creating, recruiting and managing a world-class SaaS channel program!

Who Should Attend?

This course is perfect for anyone that needs to understand the channel and/or build and manage it, including: new or existing CEO’s, Presidents, GM’s, Managing Directors, and all Managers of sales, marketing, channel management, account management, or business development.

Course Outline

This is not another theoretical, boring monolog on channel management. Instead, it is a practical, hands-on and comprehensive training course showing you exactly how to create a world-class channel program (from scratch, or by refining an existing program) – the same kind of program utilized by many of the world’s most successful channel companies. Your instructor has a dynamic presentation style (he is not boring), with lots of hands on involvement and dozens of practical examples throughout.

All attendees will get a workbook, plus a CD containing templates, agreements, and samples of everything covered. In addition, you get the Chanimal Master Channel Plan of Action showing all the steps to create, recruit and build an effective SaaS channel (detailed enough an intern can follow it).


  • Channel Management Defined (level-set entire group)
  • Phase One – Defining (or re-defining) Your Channel Program
  • Phase One – Program Setup (deliverables)
  • Phase Two – Recruiting a Channel (strategy)
  • Phase Two – Recruiting Tactics
  • Phase Three – Enablement (initiating sales)
  • Channel Management – Ongoing motivation
  • Refining Your Program – Putting It All Together

About Your "Professor"

This exciting course is lead by Ted Finch, aka Chanimal (short for Channel Animal), one of the top channel experts in the entire high-tech industry, having launched over 500 products into the channel for over 200 vendors (including Microsoft, HP, Adobe, Corel, Intel, Aldus, Epson, AOL, WordPerfect, Novel, Autodesk, Citrix, IBM, Sony, Disney, Mitsubishi, Lotus, DCA, Netscape, plus over 50 start-ups with SaaS products).

Mr. Finch is a former VP of Sales and Marketing with TAC (now called MarketStar), a VP at Goldmine Software, VP at Harcourt, Sr. VP at Motorola, and VP at GE, and CEO of In addition, he helped form Red Storm Entertainment with Tom Clancy, and led the marketing team that published Netscape Navigator, the #1 best-selling software in the world at the time.

Mr. Finch sits on the board of advisors of several high-tech start-ups, on the Channel Advisory Council, has spoken at dozens of industry conferences and has been quoted by over 100 publications including PC Magazine, Retail Week, Computer Reseller News, Channel Advocate, Newsweek, etc.

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