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SaaS and Cloud Apps University Workshops in Austin, TX

 May 13th - 15th


All Workshops are held on May 15th, the day after our formal "curriculum" of May 13th -15th
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SaaS University Workshops

Right Pricing Your SaaS System: Beyond the Basics How to Build a Successful SaaS Reseller Channel Achieving Explosive Revenue Growth


How to Achieve Explosive Revenue Growth as a SaaS, Cloud or Hybrid Company

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Time: This workshop runs from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM and includes breakfast.

Location:  Austin Marriott South, 4415 South IH-35, Austin, Texas 78744 USA


This interactive and intensive workshop for Chief Executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs will share with you how to accelerate your revenue 5X, 10X and 20X. You will learn about a proven and capital efficient approach to significantly grow revenue without costly marketing and sales experimentation.

From our operational work and advisory work with hundreds of Software, Cloud and SaaS companies we will share with you how to eliminate the 10 major obstacles to explosive revenue growth, how to apply the revenue growth best practices for SaaS/Cloud companies, how to “engineer” your revenue and how to create your own Revenue Acceleration Map. Finally, we will share with you the case studies of SaaS and Cloud companies that have achieved success through this approach. Join us to master this vital process for every Chief Executive.

Engineer Your Revenue for 2014

Most Chief Executives, Business Owner and Entrepreneurs are focused on sales opportunities that need to be converted into customers. What if you could literally engineer your revenue this year?

We will introduce you to a revolutionary method to engineer your revenue. We link today’s demand generation and marketing activities to produce tomorrow’s revenue. Perhaps for the first time you will have clear visibility and transparency into the revenue stream developed and engineered for each market or partner program.

Create Your Own Revenue Acceleration Map

Only 3 out of 25 Chief Executive, Business Owners or Entrepreneurs that we poll have a comprehensive go-to-market plan to build and scale their revenue.
We will also introduce you to a proven and capital-efficient model to consistently grow your revenue without costly marketing and sales experimentation.  We with help you create your own Revenue Acceleration Map, your comprehensive plan and proven system to scale your revenue.


OnDeman Lead Process


  • Strategic and Revenue Model – optimize your business model to achieve peak performance. This includes selling to new and existing markets, upselling current customers and leveraging partner channels.
  • The Buyer’s Journey – align your company’s DNA with your buyer’s journey and create a frictionless buying process
  • Revenue Engineering – link today’s demand generation and marketing activities to produce tomorrow’s revenue. Our financial model ties everything together.
  • Market Definition – define your target markets, gain brand awareness and reach 100% of your target audience
  • Demand Generation –create and sustain your demand generation engine. You will achieve complete traceability from marketing spend to sales outcomes
  • Buyer-Driven Website – drive your leads and prospects to your buyer-driven website that guides your buyer through the buying process.  This will convert visitors into prospects and prospects into buyers.
  • Lead Management – capture all of your market qualified leads, score them and nurture them into sales qualified leads. Nurture interest into qualified sales opportunities.
  • Sales Enablement – review the lead to sales process and the necessary ingredients to scale your sales force successfully and facilitate the buying process
  • Revenue Expansion – expand your sales distribution channels and venture confidently into new markets or geographies because you eliminated the risk  of failure
  • Key Performance Metrics – leverage your KPIs to optimize your cash flow and conversion to revenue model

Eliminate 10 Major Obstacles to Explosive Revenue Growth

As we work with Chief Executives and Entrepreneurs we hear about many obstacles to achieving these revenue goals and their strategic goals.


  1. I lack sales qualified leads
  2. I do not have visibility into my revenue for the next 12 months
  3. Our messages and offers are not working with our audience
  4. Our Marketing investments are not producing sales results
  5. We are not reaching our target audiences
  6. Our CAC or cost of sales is too high
  7. Our sales cycles are too long
  8. I am not sure how to scale a channel sales program
  9. I am not sure how to create global expansion for my products and services
  10. I am not sure how to approach new markets without expensive experimentation

We will share with you how you can eliminate all of these obstacles and unlock your true potential to win and dominate your markets. 

About Your Workshop "Professors"

On Demand Advisors is a firm dedicated to helping Software, SaaS and Cloud CEOs achieve explosive revenue growth and dominate your target markets while excelling with your business model. Our proven approach has been implemented at hundreds of software, cloud and technology companies.

Robert Jurkowski is a co-founder and has built and scaled 9 Software and Cloud companies as an operating “hands on” leader at every stage of revenue growth from “start up” to public companies. He is a former public and private software company CEO and an accomplished speaker at industry forums and events. Robert co-founded the IBM Software as Service Partner Council representing over 100 Cloud companies and has served a SIIA Software Division Board member.

Craig Remy is a co-founder and has led private and public companies as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) including Selectica, Intacct, Quaartz and Connected Minds. Prior to leading as CMO, Craig led strategic branding engagements with San Francisco-based Marketing agencies working with global companies like Nike, Disney and Levi Strauss.

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